Glasgow Bridges I

From Millennium Bridge to Victoria Bridge

This print presents ten Glasgow bridges starting at the Millennium Bridge at the Glasgow Science Centre and moving upriver to the Victoria Bridge. The western end of this section of the River Clyde has recently undergone significant residential, leisure and commercial redevelopment on both north and south banks and has included the construction of three footbridges. At the eastern end, near the city centre, we have some of Glasgow’s oldest surviving bridges, road, rail and pedestrian.

1. Millennium Bridge

Type: Steel Box Girder
Year: 2002
Engineer: M G Bennett Associates

2. Bell's Bridge

Type: Balanced Cable Stayed Cantilever
Year: 1988
Engineer: Crouch & Hogg

3. Clyde Arc

Type: Steel Bowstring Arch
Year: 2006
Engineer: Halcrow

4. Kingston Bridge

Type: Balanced Concrete Cantilever
Year: 1970
Engineer: W A Fairhurst & Partners

5. Tradeston Bridge

Type: Balanced Steel Truss Cantilever
Year: 2009
Engineer: Halcrow

6. George V Bridge

Type: Concrete Box Girder
Year: 1928
Engineer: Considère Constructions Ltd

7. 2nd Caledonian Bridge

Type: Steel Lattice Girder
Year: 1905
Engineer: Donald A Matheson & Sir John Wolfe Barry

8. Glasgow Bridge

Type: Masonry Arch
Year: 1899
Engineer: Blyth & Westland

9. South Portland St. Suspension Bridge

Type: Wrought Iron Suspension
Year: 1853
Engineer: George Martin

10. Victoria Bridge

Type: Masonry Arch
Year: 1854
Engineer: James Walker